What to Tell Your Friends

Ready to start, but unsure how to explain Bold Dish?

No problem! Here’s a heads-up email you can send with dates you’re considering.

They’re not caught off guard. You’ll know BEFORE you send invites who’s interested and available. Everyone’s happy.

Need a quick and easy way to match up schedules? Try Doodle. It’s our favorite app for that!



Hi ladies!

We’re all so busy, I was thinking it would be great to get us together – just the girls – and have a chance to catch up and take a little time for us.

There’s a new thing called Bold Dish I thought would be really fun to try. It’s a home dinner party format that’s all about helping women get together, over food and drinks, to talk and share ideas about things we all struggle with, like how to find more balance or find more time for our individual passions.

Don’t worry – it’s not another home party where there’s something to buy. It’s really just a recipe to help us come together in a fun way, enjoy each other’s company, and spark some interesting conversation about us for once, instead of work, husbands, kids, etc.

The way it works is everyone brings a dish to share (I’ll provide the entree and drinks), and then I’ll have some fun conversation starters too.

We’re all such wise, strong women, I think this would be an awesome way to connect and support each other more.

I got a party in a box and “Balance” is the theme. I was thinking about the following date(s).




Would you be able to attend?

I’ll be sending out invitations with all the details soon!