Why You Don’t See Friends

You put everyone first. All the time. Your family is your priority and your superwoman status a badge of honor. But some days, your patience is just shot and you’d give anything for a timeout, a glass of wine and some adult conversation with great girlfriends.

But where do you find the time?

With so much going on, leaving your family to do something for you just just feels wrong. And by the time you realize you need it, trying to throw something together is hard to coordinate and takes a lot of energy you don’t have.

It’s not that your friendships aren’t important. You do your best to squeeze them in when you catch a break. But when things get nuts, they’re the first to go. You get swept back up in the day to day and accept, for now, that you’ll just have to keep up with them online instead of in real life.

But it’s not our full plates that push these relationships to the back burner. Lots of women, even working moms, find time for things that support THEIR need to take a break and recharge — whether that’s yoga, a glass of wine, or a standing dinner date with friends. They don’t have more time in the day, different priorities, or less on their plate.


The REAL problem isn’t that you don’t have enough time. It’s that you don’t have the recipe that makes finding time for friends easy.

Insta_Recipe for Busy

A recipe (or system) helps you…

  • automate scheduling, instead of waiting for a good time or scrambling last minute….
  • empower your partner to take over for the night, rather than drown yourself in guilt and worry…
  • focus on the payoff you get from cultivating other aspects of who you are when you connect in a meaningful way, instead of the energy it takes to show up.

The women that always find time for friends have a system that makes spending time with friends just another part of their normal routine.

You’ve got systems for everything else in your life.
It’s how you get your kids out the door on and in bed on time everyday….
how you work in that yoga or spin class…
and how you get through your to-do lists…

Your systems are tools that help you get things done. But you don’t have one that ensures you’re maintaining one of the most natural places you can turn for support….no matter what stage of life…your friendships.

Your friends are the ones that really get why you’re so upset after dropping the lasagna on the floor…
The ones that help you escape the hell week you just had…
And the ones you WANT there for the milestones, birthdays, and that eventual day when the kids leave the nest and it’s just you again.

But, ladies, you don’t have to wait ‘til work slows down, the kids are out of diapers or even out of the house to enjoy the quality time with your girlfriends you crave.

You just need to find a recipe that works for you, so that getting together is easy, more efficient – even automatic. When you do that, you’ll start connecting with friends in a much more meaningful way that will pay massive dividends for you and those you love.

So, what could you do with friends on a routine basis? What would get you excited to actually show up? How could someone else step in so you could take that time out?



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