A Perfect Excuse for the Connection You Need

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Life as a mom of young kids is challenging. Long days when they try your patience are hard. And even harder if you’re a military wife living abroad. Three years ago Katie moved to Japan, while her husband was stationed there in the U. S. Air Force. Even with the great community around her, she found it easy to forget to take a time out for her. Just before leaving Japan to return to the states, she got a girls night on the books and realized just how much she really needed that time to connect — once she did it. Here’s what she had to say…  Read more…

How to Kill a Girls Night

Stop letting these get in the way

When I changed jobs in 2009 and found myself with breathing room in my schedule, I jumped at every chance I got to see friends. Happy hours, shopping and coffee dates…you name it…I was on a mission to make-up for lost time. I relished having a social life again! So imagine how pissed at myself I was when I realized I could have easily made time for them all along, even with a jam-packed schedule. Read more…

Is your “HH” Hollow or Happy?


I don’t know about you, but I LIVE for my happy hours with friends. But my perspective on what they really are has shifted over the years. What I want to get out of them has too.

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