The Truth: Are Dinner Groups Really Worth the Work?

The Truths: Are Dinner Groups Worth the Work?

When people find out I’ve been in a dinner group that’s been going since 2009, they’re astonished – especially when they find out we’ve stuck to it through 4 moves, 2 weddings, 2 house renovations, 3 (soon to be 4) babies, career changes, and all sorts of other challenges  that would make any reasonable person bow out from having friends over for dinner. As you can imagine, there’s major curiosity about how we’ve made it work, so here’s a roundup of the questions I get asked most.  Read more…

The Ultimate Dinner Club Cheat

Want to start a dinner group? This kit has you covered.

You finally did it. Threw down the gauntlet. Decided THIS was the year you’re going to make more time for friends.

Starting a girls dinner group sounded super fun. But now it’s time to plan your first dinner! So what can you make that will impress your friends? And how are you gonna make this a night to remember? Read more…

Sure Fire Way to See Friends More Often

How to Make Friendship a Habit

A few years ago, my social life was non-existent. I worked out of town Monday through Thursday, which meant I had to seriously prioritize my time on weekends. Sad to say, seeing friends was the first thing to go. Read more…

3 Secrets To Create A Meaningful Girls’ Night

3 Secrets to Meaningful Girls' Night

Our lives are so crazy it’s hard enough to make time for our friends, much less figure out how to make the evening truly meaningful. Well, this week, I got a chance to visit with the ladies of The Chat to talk about just that and share some simple secrets to make your next girls’ night next level A-mazing in no time flat. Read more…

Is your “HH” Hollow or Happy?


I don’t know about you, but I LIVE for my happy hours with friends. But my perspective on what they really are has shifted over the years. What I want to get out of them has too.

Read more…