Finding Your “It” Factor

Nothing breaks my heart like seeing an amazing woman want a man in her life so bad that she unknowingly gives off that desperate vibe. You know what I’m talking about, and you know what it attracts…everything BUT the incredible Mr. Right she deserves.

She makes herself INSANE wondering what she’s doing wrong and why she keeps attracting the “wrong” guy. Yet over the years I’ve realized the answer is crazy simple. If you want to find truly amazing love, you have to work your “IT” factor.

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Life Advice from The Last “Today Girl”

In the spring of 2011, one of broadcasting’s boldest dishes, Barbara Walters, shared some words of wisdom to celebrate International Women’s Day. One would naturally expect to hear some pretty amazing stories from this pioneer who ended the era of the “Today Girl” and landed the coveted spot of first female co-anchor of network evening news. But what she actually did was deliver a crash course in living boldly from a career chock full of lessons and glass ceilings shattered.  Read more…