Why You Don’t See Friends

Never see your friends anymore?

You put everyone first. All the time. Your family is your priority and your superwoman status a badge of honor. But some days, your patience is just shot and you’d give anything for a timeout, a glass of wine and some adult conversation with great girlfriends.

But where do you find the time?

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5 Steps to Finding Balance


Good old, ever-elusive work-life balance. It’s a huge issue for most women and one of the biggest reasons we become unhappy in our jobs (at least it was for me). And it’s easy to see why. Without it relationships crumble, health deteriorates, stress levels soar, and the list goes on and on…

Yet, most of us think we’ve only got two choices: give up on the idea all together and become a slave to our careers, or quit and become a kept woman or stay at home mom.

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How to Say No to Your Boss


Everyone hits a breaking point eventually.  You’ve got too much on your plate, the work keeps on piling up, you’re being asked to work the fifth weekend in a row, and there’s no way you can sit through one more dinner after a long day at the office.  On the other hand, the thought of saying no to your boss has you shaking in your stilettos.  If this sounds all too familiar, here’s a way to draw your line in the sand, tactfully, AND stay on your boss’ good side.

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3 Valuable Ways to Spend Time During the Holidays


Ever wish you could just catch a breather at work?  Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The holidays might be the only time of year that the opportunity exists to make time stand still. Business practically comes to a halt as people become preoccupied with shopping, holiday parties and getting ready for company.   Read more…

Life Advice from The Last “Today Girl”


In the spring of 2011, one of broadcasting’s boldest dishes, Barbara Walters, shared some words of wisdom to celebrate International Women’s Day. One would naturally expect to hear some pretty amazing stories from this pioneer who ended the era of the “Today Girl” and landed the coveted spot of first female co-anchor of network evening news. But what she actually did was deliver a crash course in living boldly from a career chock full of lessons and glass ceilings shattered.  Read more…