How to Start a Dinner Group in 15 Minutes

I’ve explained how my girlfriends and I made finding time for each other as easy and automatic as pouring our morning cup ‘o joe  — and, some of the things I let get in my way  of doing it even sooner.

But, even if you’re ready to create your own friendship routine, know exactly how to do it, and what obstacles to watch out for, 99% of you still won’t make it happen.

ANY new routine – whether it’s getting back to the gym, waking up earlier, or starting a new diet – is at the greatest risk of failing at the beginning. Why?

Because, getting started
getting out of bed instead of hitting snooze…
opting for a salad the first time over a burger….
and setting the first of many dinner dates with your girlfriends….
is the hardest. stinking. part.

So what’s the point of a great idea if you never do anything with it?

Thinking about it won’t make it happen.
Waiting for a good time won’t either.
I want you to get your dinner group started…..NOW.

And if you’ve got just 15 minutes for a quick coffee break, you can knock this out today.

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Today, I’ve got a fun, quick and painless activity to get dinner with the girls on the books – and get you started on YOUR new routine. Right. This. Minute.

It will walk you through a super easy way to…

Find some good dates for your first dinner…
Decide who to invite (even if you’re drawing a total blank)…and…
See who’s interested & available…

All, in just 15 minutes!

Show Me How

So stop letting the excuses rule and just get going. What have you got to lose, except lots of fun dinners with your girls?




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