Treat Yourself to the Timeout You Deserve

You put everyone first. All the time. Your family is your priority and your superwoman status a badge of honor.

Still, on those days when your patience is just shot, a timeout for a glass of wine and some adult conversation with great girlfriends is all you want.

But where do you find the time? Between after-school activities, work and – ya know – everyone else’s equally crazy schedule, it’s impossible to make it happen, right?

We give you the recipe + the tools to make it happen.

Time With Friends as Automatic as Your Morning Coffee

Lots of women, even working moms, find time for things that support THEIR need to take a break and recharge -- whether that’s yoga, a glass of wine, or a standing dinner date with friends.

They don’t have more free time than you -- or hired help. They've got the recipe - a system - that makes spending time with friends just another part of their normal routine.

A system that's...

A predictable routine making scheduling a breeze

An efficient way to maintain several friendships at once

Focused on quality time together over quantity

Easy on their families and gives them their own space to grow

A fun and creative break from the day to day

You don't have to wait 'til work slows down, the kids are out of diapers or out of the house to enjoy the quality time with girlfriends you crave. A monthly dinner club is one of the easiest, low-effort systems you can put in place to make time with friends part of your routine.

The perfect kit to start
your own dinner group!

Hi! Kristine Schoonmaker, Founder of Bold Dish, here.

Our dinner party kits were inspired by the monthly dinner group 4 girlfriends and I started back in 2009. I can’t imagine life without my monthly dinner date. And I want to make it easy for you to have one too.

It’s not hard – or overwhelming – to get started.

We already planned
every tiny detail.

How It Works

Invite a few inspiring ladies to join you for dinner.

Do some simple prep (it’s all laid out for you).

Indulge in delicious food & full-bodied conversation.

If you love it, schedule another Bold Dish!

Everyone’s Buzzing...

"It’s so important to not let your life revolve around ONLY your husband, kids, or work. Friends are there for you in good and tough times but those relationships have to be fostered.

Bold Dish is a great excuse to set aside a few hours to maintain and strengthen those connections…while enjoying great food.

I get to try new recipes with gals I absolutely adore.
I’ve grown existing relationships I never imagined would be so strong.
And who doesn’t love a girls night!"

“What a memorable, fun experience with my girlfriends! It truly brought us closer together by understanding one another better.

The conversation was meaningful. The format made it easy for me to host and actually enjoy my party and my guests walked away “WOW’d.
Plus, my husband and son said it was the best food I've ever cooked.
I can’t wait to host another Bold Dish dinner!”

"Bold Dish is much more than your average girls night - it's a chance to catch up, connect, inspire, and reflect.

We all work so hard in our professional and personal lives, this is our chance to take some time for ourselves, enjoy the company of amazing women, and connect on a new level.

It's an experience that I am forever grateful for. Make a date with some girl friends to welcome Bold Dish into your life. You won't regret it! "

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Showing Up

We already know what you’re thinking…

Dinner Group?
Who's got time for that?! mean to tell us you don't have 1 free night a month? That's all you need. Everybody's got that! And if you don't, then girlfriend we REALLY need to talk. We know you’ve gotta be there for everyone at home. But don’t you secretly wish you could take a timeout once in a while? Let them fend for themselves – just a little - believe us they'll do just fine. When you come home refreshed, they'll jump on board in no time and be kickin’ that cute butt of yours out the door every time…

Is it more work than it's worth? I still have to shop and cook...

For us, creating and sharing a meal together is an experience - and cooking, a creative act of love and appreciation for great friends. Over the years we've had just as much fun sharing the excitement of a trying a fun new recipe and telling the story of whipping it together, as we have the conversations about our lives, families, hopes and dreams. At the end of the day, the small investment of time is well worth the tremendous value we gain from the time together. But - we at Bold Dish also believe you shouldn't have to do it all - in life or in the kitchen. That's why our dinner group starter kits are designed for everyone to bring a dish. Plus, with our shopping list, easy to follow recipes and scheduling tips, we help you keep things easy breezy.

Um, hello, “Martha” is my middle name!
I could TOTALLY do this myself!

You know what? You could! And, maybe even better!  But will you? Do you really have the time? Besides, while you LOVE the idea of hosting a dinner for friends, don’t you secretly wish you had someone you could trust to do all that pesky planning for you?

But I wouldn’t know who to invite…

Have no fear, my dear…we’ll even walk you through that too. We're here to help with every step of getting your dinner group up and running - and who to invite is the first place we'll start! It might not be who you’d first think of anyway...

What am I supposed to do with my husband and kids?

From our experience all the men (and kids) that have to “deal” with us being gone for dinner one night a month, don't see it as a burden at all. When we get out of the way to let them take over once in awhile, they get some space to shine, to take care of us, and the freedom to create their own traditions. And, turns out, they are all perfectly capable of fending for themselves just fine without us, shocking as that might be. Maybe dinner is mac n’ cheese in front of TV. And maybe that’s not what we’d want for them every day. But one night isn’t the end of the world -- and a small price to pay for invaluable one-on-one time they get with Dad, and for us to take a much needed night off.

I’m totally into this stuff, but my friends?
Eh, not so sure they’d be down.

You’d be surprised. Besides, how many women that you know EVER walk away from a really delicious, casual dinner at home, filled with thoughtful, meaningful conversation saying, “meh, that was such a waste, I’ve got WAY better things to do with my time?”


And enjoy all the delicious connection (and cuisine!) you crave...

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