A Perfect Excuse for the Connection You Need

Life as a mom of young kids is challenging. Long days when they try your patience are hard. And even harder if you’re a military wife living abroad. Three years ago Katie moved to Japan, while her husband was stationed there in the U. S. Air Force. Even with the great community around her, she found it easy to forget to take a time out for her. Just before leaving Japan to return to the states, she got a girls night on the books and realized just how much she really needed that time to connect — once she did it. Here’s what she had to say… 

Katie_T_RaveReview“I wanted to get together with people I really enjoy spending time with but didn’t get to see on a regular basis and Bold Dish gave us a great excuse!

We all loved the fact that everything was done for us…the planning, the playlist, the food, the drinks! With Bold Dish all the decisions were done! I had my shopping list, divided the recipes out so that everyone brought a dish and that was it. I hate trying to figure out what I’m having for dinner or what to serve guests so it was really nice not to have to do any of the planning for once! Nailing down a date that worked for everyone was truly the hardest part.

Over dinner it was really fun talking about new stuff too because of the conversation cards. We all knew each other pretty well, but the questions allowed us to have good quality conversation which we really appreciated because it helped us get to know each other on another level that we hadn’t  previouslyTypically our conversations centered around our kids or just day to day stuff, but the conversation cards allowed us to go beyond that delve a little deeper.

It was a fun girls night in we all really needed, even if we didn’t know we needed until we did it. It had more “purpose” than just getting together for dinner and the kids running around which is how our gatherings usually happened — that really made a difference with us all. I can’t wait to have my next Bold Dish dinner.”

There’s no good time like the present for the timeout and real connection you’re craving. It’s the days you think you’re just too busy for a girls night that’s when you need it most. Don’t let another month pass you by. Get a dinner with the girls on the calendar and we’ll be there to help you handle the rest!



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