4 Tools to Declutter Your Life

We hang onto a lot of stuff in our lives.
Chores we keep putting off …
Toxic friends we keep around out of habit…
Guilt and things we do because we think we should…

You’d give anything to have the time for a quiet Saturday to yourself by the pool, to spend more time with family and friends, or even look for a more interesting job. But with all that physical and emotional clutter mucking up your world, it’s impossible to squeeze that stuff in.

But here’s something interesting. Ever notice that when there’s empty space, like silence in a conversation or a room without furniture, something eventually fills it? Someone breaks the silence or you “all of a sudden” find that perfect couch.

There’s a reason. A scientific one. As Aristotle said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”


If you’re ready for better things in your life, you’ve got to clear room for them FIRST.

And here are 4 simple tools to get you started right now.

Tool 1: Purge!

I know what you’re thinking. “What if I can’t find a better man?” or  “but if I only lost 10 pounds I could totally wear those pants again….” If you want to live an amazing life, hoarding is simply not an option. At times you’ll have to make bold decisions to let things go. I know it’s scary to think of life without them, but consider this. If the stuff you’re hanging onto is bogging you down in frustration and bad feelings, you’ll never see the countless opportunities for something better, right under your nose. And yes, they are there. So be brave, have a little faith, and let go. You’ll feel lighter, freer, and actually be available to receive the good stuff knocking at your door.

Tool 2: Clean Up Those Lists

Got a mile-long to do list of things you’ve been putting off for weeks? Just glancing at it is an energy sucker of gargantuan proportions. So clean it up. And no, this doesn’t have to take long. First go through each item and ask yourself, “what’s the worst thing that will happen if this doesn’t get done?” I know you think every item is necessary, but challenge yourself here. If you can live with it, go ahead and cross it off! It’s not worth any more of your time. For what’s left, set aside a couple hours on Saturday, settle into your favorite spot, get yourself a latte and just knock it out.

Tool 3: Up-cycle

Not all clutter needs to end up in the trash pile. Some things are perfect candidates for up-cycling, or taking something that’s dated or stagnant and sprucing it up. And, no I’m not talking about bedazzling an old pair of jeans. Maybe your relationship with a sibling isn’t great, but if you both commit to making an effort, it could be. Or maybe your job isn’t your life’s passion, but if you change how you approach it or ask for different responsibilities, you could tolerate it until you can start livin’ the dream. It might even prepare you for what you want to do next. Up-cycling may not be a permanent fix and requires some work. But if you get a step closer to what you want, it’s worth the investment.

Tool 4: Outsource

Finally, you’re always going to have things that just have to get done. But there comes a point where you’ve got take an honest look whether it’s a VALUABLE use of your time. For those that have no place in your dream day, get help so you don’t waste time and energy on them. Even on a tiny budget, there are all kinds of things you can outsource.

  • Automate paying your bills online.
  • Have groceries and dry cleaning delivered.
  • Hire a cleaning person (or your retired mom) so you have more time for your kids or a new hobby.
  • Barter with a friend or get a niece to organize your filing cabinet.

The possibilities are endless when you get creative and keep an open mind. So, instead of dishing up lots of excuses and assumptions, simply ask yourself, “How could I get this permanently handled for me?” Then see what pops up.

I promise just getting rid of even a little bit of physical and emotional clutter will completely shift your energy and open you up for something great.

So now that you’ve got some new tools in your bag of tricks, I’m inviting you to do a little de-cluttering of your own this week. And I want to hear how it goes.

Our Invitation for You: In the comments below, tell me 2 things you can purge, clean up, up-cycle or outsource.

And if you’re having trouble figuring out what to do with something, post that too and ask for help!

Then, if you know a dish that desperately needs to do some de-cluttering, share this article with her.

Until next time…


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