3 Valuable Ways to Spend Time During the Holidays

Ever wish you could just catch a breather at work?  Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The holidays might be the only time of year that the opportunity exists to make time stand still. Business practically comes to a halt as people become preoccupied with shopping, holiday parties and getting ready for company.  

Some save their vacation and work through them because it’s such a quiet time. Others (like me) jump on the chance to take a much needed few days off.  Whichever direction you choose, here are three valuable ways, besides eating and drinking, to use your breathing room so you can hit the ground running the direction you want next year!

Reorganize – Have things gotten a bit scattered over the last 12 months?  Now is a great time to reorganize so you’re primed for maximum efficiency in the new year.  For instance, take a look at your files and make sure things are in an easy to access, logical place so you can locate them quickly.  Or check in on your standing commitments. If you’re feeling a bit overextended, perhaps there are some areas you need to cut back on or delegate to someone else.  Now’s the perfect time to identify the things that distract you and take too much of your time and do a little “housecleaning.”

Refocus – Take a look at where you are, professionally and personally.  Is it where you really want to be?  Are you using your talents wisely?  Do you have the quality of life that you need to be happy?  If the answer is no, do a little day dreaming and create a vision of what you really want. You could create a simple vision board or journal about your perfect day if money, time and circumstances were of no concern. Then make a list of just 10 things you will StopStart and Continue doing to get you closer to where you want to be in the next 12 months. Remember, you don’t have to do it all over night. It’s about progress not perfection.

Reload – Whether or not you travel for work, you could probably really use some down time, especially to make sure you’ve got a full tank to start the year off with a bang.  The holidays can be a good and difficult time to do that. In between your busy schedule of holiday bashes and shopping, consider taking time off or even work from home so you can really get some quality time with friends and family.  Chances are you won’t miss much.  And don’t forget to reserve a little “me time” too! If you’re tank’s not full, you won’t have anything to give to all the demands of the holiday season.

By clearing some clutter, setting your intentions for the year ahead and making sure you’ve got loads of energy reserves, you’ll be ready to welcome the new year with a bang!

Got other great and productive ways to spend the holidays? Dish ’em out!



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