3 Secrets To Create A Meaningful Girls’ Night

Our lives are so crazy it’s hard enough to make time for our friends, much less figure out how to make the evening truly meaningful. Well, this week, I got a chance to visit with the ladies of The Chat to talk about just that and share some simple secrets to make your next girls’ night next level A-mazing in no time flat.

Secret #1: Great Pairings

By the time you decide you need a girls’ night, you probably already know who’s coming. BUT pump the brakes a minute….Before you automatically invite the friends you text most, think about what you WANT most from the evening.

Looking to widen your circle and forge some new friendships?
Got some big goals ahead of you and need some advice & mentorship?
Maybe you’ve had a rough couple of months and just need a good laugh…

Once you know what you really want, THEN pay a visit to your friend lists on social media. Think about the people in your neighborhood, at work or the gym and create a short list of ladies that have qualities that fit what you want to create. That may include a couple of go-to girlfriends – just don’t miss the chance to shake things up a bit!

Secret #2: Comfortable Space

In one of her poems, If I had My Life to Live Over, Erma Bombeck said “I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, the sofa faded.” Wanting everything to look “Pinterest Perfect” is great in theory, but adds a whole lotta stress. There’s only so many places to shove those stacks of mail and no time to DIY a centerpiece on top everything else on your plate. That won’t make or break the night anyway!

In fact, making yourself nuts staging the perfect scene actually puts guests on edge. Remember what Mom was like before family holidays? Hello! None of us need another place to be “on.” So, forget trying to be Martha – focus on keeping things simple and relaxed and everyone will follow your lead.

Secret #3: Conversation Game Plan

Starting a conversation can seem hard, especially if everyone doesn’t know each other. Even if you’re all friends, it’s easy to spend the night just chatting, which is great for breaking the ice, but not great if you’re looking for something more. So have a couple topics or questions in mind and look for natural openings in the conversation to stir things up.

What’s motivating you to get people together? Use that to inspire you.
Got something you’re grappling with? Here’s a great chance to get some help.
Women and talking are like peas and carrots. All it takes is a great question and nudge in the right direction and you’ll be shocked at all the new things you’ll be talking about.

Bottom line, if you want to host a really meaningful night with friends, don’t get caught up trying to make it perfect. Just focus on bringing together great people, have a clear idea for what you want to create, a plan to stir up quality conversation, and you can’t go wrong! So, set aside a night to host a happy hour at your place this month. We’ve even put together a free tool for you full of even more juicy tips (+ a cocktail and appetizer recipe) to help.



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