2 Things Hiding Your Beauty

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, the fact is most of us size up a potential mate pretty quickly (some studies suggest 3 minutes or less). And much of that is based on two things: physical appearance and the energy we give off.  Call it superficial if you want, but attraction is part of love, and physical appearance is part of attraction.

If you could spot yourself from across a crowded room, would you fall head over heels? Come to think of it, when was the last time you even gave yourself a good look in the mirror, without concentrating on getting dressed or fixing your hair? And do you have any clue what vibe you’re giving off?

To appreciate your physical beauty, you have to spend some time actually looking at it, something most of us never do. So my “love yourself” invitation for this week is going to be to spend some time doing just that. But first, I want to make you aware of two nasty little things lurking in the shadows that can influence what you see AND the vibe you’re sending out to the world. For many, they’re working overtime to keep your inner sexy seriously hidden, from you and everyone else.

Your story. We all have “stories,” or things we believe to be true about ourselves, that we’ve clung to from something someone told us once or something we believed at one time. Between the fourth and eleventh grades I went through a bit of a fat kid phase. Then the summer before my senior year I lost 30 pounds. Even though a serious physical change was happening in my body, the story I had told myself for years (that I was heavy) got in the way of me seeing it. When I looked in the mirror my story kept me seeing nothing but fat, because that’s what I expected. But I am more than a story I told myself for years. And so are you. Even when I was heavier, there were still plenty of physically beautiful things about me. I just didn’t notice them.  It took years of countless pictures and proof before I finally started to let go of that story. Yet, even now, when I have a bad day, it’s easy for my to fall right back into the same old tale.

Looking for “problems” over assets. Many of us, myself included, are our worst critics. In addition to weight struggles, I’ve never liked my nose and I’ve absolutely hated the land yachts I have for feet. Recently, I realized that when I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself, I gravitate immediately to the things I don’t like. But what’s funny is that no one else ever notices these things. My boyfriend Thom has never once said anything about my nose, my curvy hips or anything else that I don’t love about myself. And they clearly didn’t deter him from asking me on a date. He sees the things in me that are pleasing to him. He sees the assets.

This week, I’m inviting you to take these lessons and find 3 things you love about yourself, physically, by taking a few minutes to…

Your Invitation: 1. Really spend some time giving yourself a good look in the mirror 2. Let go of your “story” 3. CHOOSE to see the assets instead of problems.

Do we all have things about ourselves we’d like to change? Sure. Some of them we can and some of them we can’t. But we can choose to reframe how we think about them. And when you do, you’ll see more beauty in yourself, immediately, and others will too.

Until next time…


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